Kent Rainbow Weekend

The first ever Kent Rainbow Weekend took place on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7, 2020. Complete with a live comedy show at The Kent Stage, a bar crawl, art exhibits, Rocky Horror Picture Show, storytelling, poetry open mic, drag shows, live music/DJs, karaoke, workshop/training sessions and more, residents and visitors alike celebrated the LGBTQ+ community in great style! The W. Main St. bridge was decorated in Gay Pride colors on one side and Transgender Pride flag colors on the other. One of the main downtown crosswalks was painted in rainbow stripes in honor of the event, and “Kent Rainbow Weekend” banners adorned light posts over the bridge. Proceeds from the event were donated to various charities, including the Kent State University LGBTQ+ Center Emergency Fund. Kent, OH was showcased as an inclusive, loving and accepting community where all are truly welcome!