Burbick Way Public Art Project

We are currently seeking concept proposals for a public art project which will address three alleyway doors in Burbick Way. The alley is flanked by creative spaces that house artist studios/galleries, an antique store, the local music store, and other creative businesses.

The goal is to utilize visual art to enliven this area and create a sense of visibility. These door projects are intended to be long term, but not necessarily permanent. Artists may submit multiple designs per application ($15 fee) and may render their concepts digitally and/or by hand. Proposals should be submitted using this form. Please visit this link to see images of the three potential door sites. Submissions due by March 15, 2019. (Previous deadline of Feb. 15 has been extended!)
(Google Map).

Proposals will be reviewed by a jury made up of Design Committee members/community members. Designs chosen as finalists will ultimately need to be presented to the city for approval. Artists will be notified when they are chosen as finalists and upon approval, they will have the choice of:

A. a $250 award and to have their design brought to life by community members/volunteers.

B. a $500 award and to be responsible for the execution of the project (within a timeframe determined by Main Street Kent). While a limited budget will be granted for materials, any travel/accommodation costs will be the responsibility of the artist.


1. Designs should lend themselves to being executed via custom made stencils and/or taping off. That is, designs composed of clean lines/shapes that can be successfully rendered (and maintained) by community members, rather than those that require freehand rendering are preferred.

3. Concepts that reflect the history of and/or current community in Kent are certainly welcome, but not required. Proposals may be representational, abstract, or non-objective in nature.

4. Designs should be relatively site specific, insomuch as they take the location/surroundings of each of the doors and their viewing vantage points into consideration.

5. While artists who reside in, near, or who have some connection to Kent/Northeast Ohio are desirable candidates, this call is open to all artists.

6. Proposals must be submitted digitally. Do not send physical materials.

For further questions call (330) 677-8000 or email info@mainstreetkent.org.